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I am extremely sorry.

July 31, 2010

A Kick in the Pants Week....

So this week has been a pretty rough week for me. As I have dub this week a “Kick in the Pants Week”. You all probably don’t care but I will tell you about “Kick in the Pants Week” anyways and you can share your “Kick in the Pants Week” moment with me. It is good to vent as I like to say. So it all started Sunday afternoon when someone said something very hurtful, I was quite upset over it on Sunday and felt very down. Then on Wednesday I got my marks back for an auditing case I had finished at the beginning of the month. I have to get at least 67% on the case in order was it to qualify for my Certified General Accounts unfortunately I didn’t make the cut and have to redo it. What upsets me the most about this is that I spent probably 24+ hours a week for 4 weeks working on this case and now I have to redo it all. I’m trying to look at it as a “learning experience”’s the only way I don’t feel so upset over it. My binder has been banished to my car it is not allowed in the house until I’m ready to look at it. It’s kind of funny that I am banishing a binder from my house but it is true it hasn’t entered it and is dying of heat in the car. MWAHAHA take that auditing case!

I did have something good happen to me this week I receive my ARC copy of The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (yay!!!). I had won a copy from Chapters (a Canadian bookstore) last Thursday and it came in the mail and I was soo excited that I dropped the book I was currently reading to read it. I will tell you it is fantastic! I’m on page 317 out of 479 so close to be finishing it. I’m sad that it will be ending son but I just can’t put it down. It is even hard for me to write this now as I’m not reading it.

I also received an ARC of Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler. I won this from Eleni at La Femme Readers. Thank you very much Eleni.

I will be posting both reviews once I have finished them.

Eleni is also having an awesome contest to win 2011 YA Releases (Delirium, Angelfire, Wake Unto Me, The Iron Witch, The Gathering, & City of Fallen Angels) - (International). Click here to enter.

I guess the week wasn’t soo bad, the last half anyways.

Also, I now have 12 followers on my blog (yay!), 17 followers on the Vamps, Weres and Cassay OH My! Facebook page, and 35 followers on my twitter! That’s a grand total of 64!! OMG! But I would like all those facebook and twitter followers to follow the blog. So within the next week or two I’m going to hold a contest of awesome proportions and the goal as to be reached by the time I leave for holidays Sept 3! I think we can do it.

So here is what I am thinking for the contest:

If I can get 50 blog followers there will be the following:

1st winner will receive their choice of book up to $20.00 on Book Depository (See I’m even cool enough to make it international cause being a Canadian I know how much it sucks when contests are only open to US)

If I can get 100 blog followers:

1st winner will receive their choice of 2 books (instead of 1) up to $40.00 on Book Depository
And I will add a 2nd winner who will receive their choice of 1 book up to $20.00 on book depository

If I can get 150+ blog followers:

I will add a 3rd winner who will receive a paperback copy of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

How awesome does that sound? Pretty awesome to me...I’m jealous of the winners! So remember the more blog followers the better the prizes!

I will post the Official Contest Details last this week! Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend; enjoy the heat and Happy Reading!!


July 26, 2010

Movie Mondays

So if you have read my “about me” section you will know that I have an avid fan of the big screen. So I decided that every Monday I would do a recap of any movies that I have seen what give a short little review of them. As well as let you know what is releasing to DVD this week. Cause as you know I will be at Wal-Mart on Tuesdays buying up movies.

This week on DVD:

Repo Men

Clash of the Titans

I will only be picking up Clash of the Titans this week as Repo Men didn’t interest me to go watch in the theatres. I loved Clash of the Titans it was action packed and even though the 3D glasses hurt my eyes I really enjoyed it. I named it the “Percy Jackson for adults.” Yes, I know Clash of the Titans was around before Percy Jackson but I watch the Percy Jackson movie first so in my mind Clash of the Titans was like Percy Jackson so :P

This week in theatres:

Dinner for Schumucks

Starring: Steve Carell and Paul Rudd
Run Time: 1 hour and 50 min
Tim (Rudd) is a rising executive who "succeeds" in finding the perfect guest, IRS employee Barry (Carell), for his boss's monthly event, a so-called "dinner for idiots," which offers certain advantages to the exec who shows up with the biggest buffoon.

Charlie St. Cloud

Starring: Zac Efron and Kim Basinger
Run Time: 1 hour and 49 min
Charlie St. Cloud is a young man overcome by grief at the death of his younger brother. So much so that he takes a job as caretaker of the cemetery in which his brother is buried. Charlie has a special lasting bond with his brother though, as he can see him. Charlie meets up with his brother (Sam) each night to play catch and talk. Then, a girl comes into Charlie's life and he must choose between keeping a promise he made to Sam, or going after the girl he loves.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Starring: Chris O’Donnell and Jack McBrayer
Run Time: 1 hour and 22 min

In the age-old battle between cats and dogs, one crazed feline has taken things a paw too far. Kitty Galore, formerly an agent for cat spy organization MEOWS, has gone rogue and hatched a diabolical plan to not only bring her canine enemies to heel, but take down her former kitty comrades and make the world her scratching post. Faced with this unprecedented threat, cats and dogs will be forced to join forces for the first time in history in an unlikely alliance to save themselves -- and their humans.

Movies I saw in theatres:


5 out of 5

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Director: Christopher Nolan (Batman: The Dark Knight)
Run time: 2 hours and 28 min
In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job till date, Inception.

I loved this movie! It did not seem like it was a 2 and a half hour movie. It keeps your attention think WTH? Action is great. The computer graphics and filming is fantastic. This is a must see summer movie.


3 out of 5

Starring: Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber
Director: Phillip Noyce
Run time: 1 hour and 39 min
As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honour and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt's efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: "Who is Salt?"

Being an Angelina hater doesn’t help this movies case all that much, but the boyfriend wanted to go see it so we did. The action is okay – guys will love it and all the shooting. But overall the storyline had holes in it – my theory was waaaay better than the actual amount. Felt like it was a “there is no point to this movie, we just want Angelina to looks hot shooting things.” If you’re an Angelina fan you will probably like this movie. If you’re more of a storyline person you may not like this movie.

All movie synopses are from my favourite movie website

Thanks for stopping by for Movie Mondays!


July 24, 2010

Review: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer

As my very first book review I decided to pick my all time favorite series by none other than the beautiful, talent, fangtastic Auntie Heather Brewer!! *the crowd goes wild* This is one Proud Canadian Minion, can’t you tell? Just an FYI - Auntie Heather doesn’t have fans, she has MINIONS!!! And we are going to take over the world. Mwahahaha!

Okay enough of my raving of Auntie Heather and onto the review.
There are 5 books in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series, they are as followed. (Excerpts from

Eighth Grade Bites

If you thought eighth grade was tough, try it with fangs and a fear of garlic.

Junior high school really sucks for thirteen-year-old Vladimir Tod, and not in the good slurp-up-the-blood kind of way. A gang of bullies harasses him daily, the principal is dogging his every move, and the girl he really likes prefers his best friend. Oh, and Vlad has to hide the fact that he's a vampire.

When the one teacher he really connects with mysteriously vanishes, Vlad is determined to find him. But then Vlad finds an unsettling note scribbled across his essay: "I know your secret."

Vlad must locate his missing teacher, dodge the principal, resist the bullies’ tempting invitations to Bite me!, and get a date for the dance—all before he is exposed for the teen vampire he is.

What first caught my eye about this book series was the trademark vampire smiley. I picked it up because I wanted something that would be a nice short read for me. Little did I know that once I started reading that I would become a Minion for life.

Vlad's character is easy to relate to if you have ever been an outcast in school and were picked on. Vlad has a crush on popular girl Meredith whom he has liked since elementary school but she doesn’t show any feelings towards Vlad. Although beside Henry, Vlad’s best friend, Meredith is the only other person that doesn’t look at Vlad's like he is some freak.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter I believe you will like this series the first book has a bit of a Harry Potter feel to it but quickly evolves into its own story. I found myself laughing a lot during the series. Nelly Vlad’s guardian and Henry provide awesome comic relief.

Target audience is around Grades 5-9 but is still a great read for an adult or a Momion (mom who is a minion). This is one vampire series that boys will actually like as there is no romance and they can understand what Vlad has to go through on a day to day basis.

Overall Auntie Heather does a fangtastic job of keeping my attention and subconsciously letting her minions know that it is okay to be an outcast and that you are not a freak.

Please skip to the very bottom for Review Results!

Ninth Grade Slays

High school totally bites when you're half human, half vampire.

Freshman year sucks for Vlad Tod. Bullies still harass him. The photographer from the school newspaper is tailing him. And failing his studies could be deadly. A trip to Siberia gives "study abroad" a whole new meaning as Vlad connects with other vampires and advances his mind-control abilities, but will he return home with the skills to recognize a vampire slayer when he sees one? In this thrilling sequel to Eighth Grade Bites, Vlad must confront the secrets of the past and battle forces that once again threaten his life. Find out why author D.J. MacHale calls The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod "Gruesome, heart-warming, spellbinding."

In the second instalment Vlad travels to Siberia with his uncle Otis to learn the “vampire ways”. Vlad still deals with bullies, crushes and the evil D’Ablo. Henrys cousin moves to town which is great for Vlad as he now has a second friend! Yay Vlad! But little does Vlad know Josh has a secret...

Ninth Grade Slays gets the series rolling on becoming one of Cassay’s favourite series! There is never a dull moment. Vlad’s is pushed to the limits and deals with everything Auntie Heather throws at him in the best possible way. Filled with action and comic relief from good ole Henry. Ninth Grade Slays is one book you must got pick up!

Tenth Grade Bleeds

High school can be so draining when you're half-human, half-vampire

It's another sucky year at Bathory High for Vladimir Tod. The evil vampire D'Ablo is hunting for the ritual that could steal Vlad's powers. His best friend Henry doesn't want to be his drudge anymore. And as if all that weren't enough, it's getting harder for Vlad to resist feeding on the people around him. When months go by with no word from Uncle Otis and D'Ablo shows up demanding Vlad's father's journal, Vlad realizes that having a normal high school year is the least of his concerns. Vlad needs to act fast, and even his status as the Pravus won't save him this time...

Oh Vlad what have you gotten yourself into this year? Not only are Vlad and Meredith dating (YAY HAPPY DANCE) but Vlad is now hanging out with the school Goths. They introduce Vlad to a hip Goth club where Vlad meets Snow (BOOO! Sorry all Team Snow members I just cannot jump on this band wagon) who is more than willing to let Vlad feed off of her.

I think my problem with Snow is that she is so willing to give herself up to Vlad – I understand that her home life sucks and I truly feel horrible for her but I just can’t see her being good for Vlad.

Tenth Grade Bleeds is my favorite book among the series it is the one that kept me up all night reading. Auntie Heather knows how to keep the tension and action going through out the novel.

If your still reading this you better have gone out and bought the 2 first books now or else!

Eleventh Grade Burns

The penultimate chapter in the thrilling vampire series!
Things have taken a darker turn for the half-human teenager with an appetite for blood. Joss, a vampire slayer and Vlad’s former friend, has moved back to Bathory. A mysterious and powerful new vampire, Dorian, appears with a shocking secret and an overwhelming desire to drink Vlad’s blood. And Vlad’s arch enemy, D’Ablo, has a sinister plan to eliminate Vlad once and for all. With death threatening from every angle, Vlad will have to use every ounce of his skill and training to survive, but nothing can prepare him for what awaits him in the end.

Eleventh Grade Burns made it on the NYT Best Selling Series List! Yay Congrats Auntie Heather!

This is where I start to become sad because this is the 2nd last Vlad Book. *starts crying*
Vlad and Otis are getting ready for their trial which is sooo suspenseful that when it actually happens you so don’t see the outcome – I love that Auntie Heather keeps the results so tightly under wraps. Otis also asked Vlad for his permission to marry Nelly (double YAY!). That scene made me ball my eyes out because I love Otis and Nelly being a couple.
Vlad has to deal with so much this year that it’s amazing that he keeps himself all under control. Auntie Heather creates a wonderful love triangle that has her minions debating on who is better for Vlad. I’m Team Meredith!

The last word of this book will leave you saying WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Auntie Heather does it again by keeping my attention and making me want the last book NOW! I read this book in 6 hours I just could not put it down. I just had to know what was going to happen.

I almost was in tears laughing at evil trick Auntie Heather pulled on Eddie – but he totally deserved it.

And now for the exciting conclusion of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. I proudly introduce....

Twelfth Grade Kills

It all comes down to this.

Vlad’s running out of time. The Elysian Council has given him weeks to live, and that’s if the Slayer Society doesn’t kill him – along with all the citizens of Bathory – first. Then there’s the issue of Vlad’s father, who may or may not still be alive after all these years, and oh yeah, that tiny little detail in the Pravus prophecy about Vlad enslaving Vampirekind and the human race. So much for college applications.
In this epic finale to Heather Brewer’s heart-stopping Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, dark secrets will be revealed, old friends will become enemies, and warm blood will run cold. Just be careful it isn’t yours.

Twelfth Grade Kills releases September 21, 2010 – Auntie Heather’s Birthday. She expects presents so make sure you got out on the 21st and buy this book so we can make her a NYT #1 Best Selling Author! The cover is wondering it is great to finally see Vlad’s entire face. I see all you girls swooning over the dreamy Vlad.

As much as I don’t want to the series to end I know Auntie Heather is going to go out with a BANG! The only thing I can cross my fingers for Otis and Nelly will get there happily ever after and that Vlad will chose Meredith and that no one I love deeply will die. Because you know the title does have kill in it so we know someone is going to be saying bye bye.

The Results:
Rating: 5 out of 5
Would I like my 15 year old sister read: Heck Yes!
No course language or inappropriate sexual references.

Auntie Heather is currently working on 2 new series.
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Spin off Series
The Slayer Chronicles – Book 1 Beginnings

Are you a fan of Joss? Curious about the Slayer Society and their secretive ways? Want to know what transpired during the summers between Vlad's school years? Get ready for a spin-off series of epic proportions, all about Joss and featuring some of your favourite vampires from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. (Don't forget your stake!)

The other series Auntie Heather is working on is called Bloodbound.

What's worse than being blackmailed to attend a hidden school where you're treated like a second-class citizen? How about nearly getting eaten by a monster when you arrive? Or learning that your soul mate was killed in a centuries-old secret war? And then there's the evil king who's determined to rule the world unless you can stop him...

Meet Kaya, a young woman with the power to heal and the determination to fight. But struggle as she will, she remains tied to three very different men: a hero who has forsaken glory, a tyrannical ruler who wants to use Kaya, and a warrior who's stolen her heart. Kaya learns the hard way that some ties can't be broken...and blood is the strongest bond of all.

I for one cannot wait for both of these series to come out.

All excerpts are curiosity of Please feel free to visit Auntie Heather website and where you can find ecards, icons and wallpapers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very first review.

About Me

Hello fellow book lovers. My name is Cassay (pronounced Cass Say – I know some of you don’t care how to pronounce it but I want to avoid being call Casey at all costs. It is a pet peeve of mine). I am 22 years old. I’m a full time accountant and taking night classes to get my Certified General Accountant designation. I live in western Canada so I rarely get to go to author signing because no one ever comes to my area.

I started reading about two years ago. I used to be one of those people that hated reading in school and would struggle to get through a book for a book study. Now I can read a book a week or in a day if it is a really good book. The fastest I have read a book is in 6 hrs the longest it has taken me is a month and a half. The book series that started my snowball effect was the Harry Potter series. I decided that during my half hour lunch break at work that playing Sudoku was getting boring so I decided maybe I should try reading. I went out and bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Eragon and the rest is history. I don’t even want to count how many books I have now. My friends joke around saying that I have a library and that they are going to start taking out my books because I seem to have everything.

I am a huge Twilight fan (Team Edward). I like listening to music. Right now Paramore, MUSE, Glee Soundtracks, Shinedown and Buckcherry are my go to artists. I’m a huge movie/TV series junkie. I go to Wal-Mart almost every Tuesday to buy new releases. I watch about 15 hours of TV shows a week during September – May. I really don’t know where I find all the time to read, go to class, work and watch TV but I make do.

My current TV shows consist of:

Heroes (I’m surprisingly not to shocked that this got cancelled)
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds
Greys Anatomy
The Vampire Dairies
LOST (I’m still crying/mad about how they ended this)
Supernatural (My must see each and every week)
True Blood
Family Guy
American Dad

I believe that is it. Shows that I’m still crying over because they got cancelled Moonlight and Journeyman.

Well I will leave on that note you all probably think I’m a crazy person now for watching that much can join the club that has started at my work place lol.

I hope you enjoy my reviews!