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August 23, 2010

Movie Monday

This week on DVD:

The Back-up Planlost-season-5-promo

LOST: Season 6

As much as I want to go pick up LOST I won’t because I’ll put it on my Christmas list instead and just my mom or bf buy it for me.

This week in Theatres:

Nothing fantastic... You got Takers with Matt Dillon and the new exorcism movie which I totally won’t be seeing. I don’t do horror movies

This week I watch Kick Ass. I was fairly disappointed with it. I thought it was going to be way funnier than it was. I think I laugh all of 3 times throughout it all. I was getting bored near the end. I’m a little sad that it wasn’t better.

It’s kind of a shitty week for movies!


Cassay Sig

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