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September 3, 2010

In where I Say Good-Bye Canada, Hello VEGAS!



I just wanted to formally let everyone know what I will not be online starting today until Sept 20ish. I will try to pop on Twitter/Facebook every once in a while (got to let my mom know I’m still safe). So I’ll try to update when something FANTASTIC happens. I hope you all have a great September. For those going back to school or just starting have fun. I know I hate school but maybe your crazy like my best friend who is excited to start school next week :S.

Contest Update: We are less than 15 followers away from adding a 2nd winner and an additional book for the 1st prize winner. I have faith in you all that you can make it happen. You still have 18 days to enter.forks-sign

Well wish me luck on the loooong 24 hour driving to Vegas. Then we have a short drive to California where I will get to stay with my “bro and sis” – they really aren’t my bro and sis but they are like family to me. Then we take the trek up to coast and to FORKS!!! I am super excited for this; the bf is not. We may hit up Vancouver on the way home not sure yet. But over all it should be an awesome trip. 

That’s me with Prince John 2 years ago in Disneyland! That was the first time I ever left Canada. Sadly I didn’t get to experience Disneyland as a kid but if you ask my mom or bf they will tell you the 20 year old in me at the time turned 6.Calirfornia 2008 237 I can’t wait to go back to the happiest place on earth!
And I will be coming home with a suitcase full of books seeing they are almost 1/2 price down there so my to be read pile is going to grow even more.

Anyways I should probably go start the car and start Cassay’s Excellent Adventure to the USA! Talk to you all soon, let me know if anything exciting happens while I’m away.



Cassay Sig

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