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September 26, 2010

The Road to L.A

Well in my first week back from holidays my brain has not been working properly. I’m pretty sure I have ADD now. Every time I went to go do something for the blog I ended up doing something completely different :S. And I forgot to post the rest of my holidays! So here is what happens from Vegas to L.A.

On Sept 8 we headed to L.A to stay at our friends place. We stopped in Baker where we saw Alien Jerky and the World's Largest Thermometer. This drive wasn’t anything special but it was short so it was alright. We went to Sea World and worshiped Shamu to get us soaking wet, went to an Angels baseball game which went to 14 innings which was totally worth our money, we did a Hollywood Celebrity House tour – I got to see Orlando Blooms house I was sooo excited. And last but not least we went DISNEYLAND. I met Lightning McQueen, Mator, Mr. Incredible, Koda, Kenai, and I ganked a photo with Sulley. I love Disneyland, I could live there forever!        

I have posted picture of the killer whale during the Shamu show and a picture of the adorable seals and polar bears. I am a huge fan of Happy Feet so I loved the penguins! This penguin was missing an arm I felt so bad for him. This picture of the house is Orlando Bloom’s place. Then you have me being a dork in the Wax Museum….You can see how excited I am to be touching RPattz hair and sitting in Sue’s chair. Sleeping Beauty is my favourite movie so I had to get a picture with anything related to it :). Then there is me with Mr. Incredible and Koda & Kenai and the giant “C” for Cassay! Enjoy!


IMG_0925 IMG_0980 IMG_1015 IMG_1003IMG_1083IMG_1024IMG_1068IMG_1112IMG_1172IMG_1161IMG_1158




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