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September 27, 2010

#SpeakLoudly – Banned Books Week


So if you are in the Blogging community you know that this week is Banned Books Week. If you are not, nowharrypotter2xz2 you know.

I was reading through the lists of Top Banned Books of the Year/Decade and I noticed that a lot of the books I am reading or have read are on that list. Which forces me to ask why they are on these lists? I don’t agree with some of the reasons why each book is being banned for. Some of them I just don’t understand how someone got that conclusion about the book, maybe I’m just more open minded?

I consider myself very lucky to live in the city I live in Canada because I cannot recall our schools or libraries banning any books in my lifetime (people who know me personally correct me if I’m wrong – I’m curious to know if our schools/libraries have banned any books).

The top challenged book of the decade is one of my favourite series and actually started my love of reading. It is Harry Potter. Why would someone want to ban a book that brings so many people to love reading? I used to hate books, my mom now loves it that I love to read now. I get lectured about liking Harry Potter so much that it really pisses me off. It is a story, it is FICTION! Which means it isn’t real. I also hate the hypocrites who say you can’t read/watch Harry Potter but Lord of the Rings is fine. Is GanTwilight2(5)dalf not a wizard? Think about it.

What happened to freedom of speak? Or is there a double standard? Just because you don’t like wizards, vampires or other supernatural creatures doesn’t mean the person beside you doesn’t. Just because you don’t like to deal with issues affecting teens daily lives like drugs, sexual abuse, eating disorders and sexuality doesn’t mean that book isn’t helping a teen who feels like they have nowhere else to turn but the books he/she reads to get through her issues. Just because you aren’t able to deal with racism doesn’t mean it hasn’t affected decades of our history. Just because YOU disagree with what an author writes. Doesn’t give YOU the right to have it stolen away from readers who may agree with it.

I am all for parents regulating what your kids read but you shouldn’t be regulating what other people’s kids read.

My younger sister who will be turning 15 this October has been reading Adult books for the past couple vampire-academyyears. This is because my mother who buys my sister books feels she is mature enough to read those books. If my sister wasn’t mature enough she wouldn’t have those books bought for her.

I guess the point of my post is that just because you don’t agree  with something you read doesn’t mean you should ruin it for others. And if you don’t agree with what I have to say please keep your comments to yourself. This is not meant to start a debate but to bring up a worthy cause of stopping the ban of books.



Cassay Sig

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