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November 22, 2010

Movie Monday!


This week on DVD:expendables_movie_poster2

The Expendables

Eat Pray Love



Tangled-Movie-PosterThis week in theatres:


Love and Other Drugs






And OMG was it amazing! I also totally yelled “NO!” at the end among people I didn’t know….was also the only once dressed up for the Saturday Noon showing….But that is okay! I’m just an awesome fan like that.

I found it was pretty true to the books. I’ve been fine with all the Harry Potter movies the only thing I wish they didn’t cut was Aunt Petunia’s speech at the beginning and what Dudley had to say. For me that part of the book made me actually like Dudley and Aunt Petunia…but maybe it will be a deleted scene or something.

If you haven’t gone to see it yet you must! I’m trying to get the boyfriend to take me again…it’s not going to well.

R.I.P Dobby -  You are a free elf and I will  always mourn your death (yes I am in tears right now! Dobby was my fav character)




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  1. FINALLY someone in agreement with me... well more like im in agreement with u lol... with Aunt Petunia’s and Dudleys last words to Harry... and it was sooo sad when Dobby died... R.I.P little dude...

  2. Yea that was the only part that bugged me. I honestly didn't read the books until June 2008 and I heard about how "Aunt Petunia was going to have this BIG MAJOR role to play in Harry's life" I was a little let down that it was a lame big role but it made me kinda like her afterwards lol. Still hate the uncle lol. I made the boyfriend take me to HP agian this week and hes been making fun of me all week for crying over Dobby's death saying the little guy deserved it! And I totally flipped out on him LOL

  3. i dont blame u... Dobby was ace... I couldnt wait for this film for the simply fact DOBBY was in it alot more... =D and i know they made a bigish amount of deal in the book... then all u see is a 5 second glimpse of her in the car looking sad that shes leaving the street etc... and the uncle is annoying...