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December 4, 2010

Honourable Mentions–Team Vampires


Here are the rest of the entries! Enjoy! Also if you entered and would like a blog bookmark made by me just email me at vampsweresandcassay at yahoo dot ca.

Vampires, oh my.

Vampires are portrayed as handsome, tall and sexy. Now that you've heard this, don't you want a vampire lover?

I think the most popular and well known paranormal romance category is vampires. Seductive, blood-sucking creatures. Personally, many of my favorite books have vampires in them.

There are types of vampires, as there is in any creature, the good ones, and the oh-so-bad ones. But we're not interested in goody vampires are we? I like the thrill of reading about a forbidden romance where one lover will risk anything and everything to be with the one they love.

My favorite series is Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost. In a book, I like a strong female lead, and half vampire Cat shows this with her strength, courage and determination. As well as her sense of humor and her witty comments. Her lover Bones is a super hot vampire hunter who would protect her no matter the cost. I would like to have someone I love that much to risk my life to protect them someday…

Vampires in a book create a mysterious and dangerous atmosphere. Wouldn’t you like to read that type of book?


Vampires are the best because they are awesome! And their thirst for blood draws your closer.


I'm one of those Supernatural Buffet people, but I'm still very loyal to Team Vampire.  Twilight gets a lot of grief for the sparkly vampires, but deep down, you know you were an Edward fangirl once upon a time.  And deep down, everyone thinks the biting is hot.  Don't deny it.  There are many variations of vampires in books, but in a way, we can all relate to vampires.  I'm sure that eventually they get tired of the senseless blood drinking and often wish that they could be something that they are not, or change the way things are.  They may lack humanity, but we can always love and relate to the occasional moral vampire.  Or we just think the self loathing, bad boy look is hot.  Either way, Team Vampire for the win!


If I would be asked what is my favorite mythological creature at this point , I would say that definitely vampires. Vampire Diaries, House of Night, Bram Stoker's Dracula, not to mention all the TV Shows  alive and kicking right now in TV. It is fascinating how vampires have evolved from pure legends to Bram Stoker and L.J. Smith, from a cold blooded killer to a cold blooded hero or lover. Thanks to very good writers, vampires and not only are introduced in novels as students among other teenagers or as fighters of the law (Moonlight). I just love the vivid imagination of the authors in this case!
          So among my favorites are: Vampire Diaries, Darren Shan, House of Night, Dracula and this is a new one for me Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine.





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