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December 2, 2010

MEGA Contest Winners!


So the winners have been chosen. Team Weres/Shifters was chosen by my sister Shy and Team Fairy was chosen by my best friend Britt and I chose the rest of the winners. It was very hard to decide! You all had great entries. I wish I was rich and send you all a book you deserve it but instead being the season of giving. If you entered the contest but didn’t win if you want I will send you a Vamps, Weres and Cassay bookmark.

So I’ll stop blabbing and announce the winners!

Winner of Team Vampire is:

Christina V who wrote:

I would have to say Vampires, Because, Their awesome !___!
no umm... I have been a fan of vampires since i was six years old, and i used to watch Buffy the vampire slayer *good show* and I started to love them, like the way vamps should be, you know, Afraid of crucifixes, Burst into flames *then disintegrated to ashes* when in contact with the sun, Killed with a stake through the heart, and the other stuff. I just always been a fan of Vampires.
I mean wouldn't it be cool, to never get sick, sleep during the day, awake in the night, I mean some people do that anyways, but still. Vampires are awesome. Yes there are a lot of things that are awesome, I wouldn't mind be a shape-shifter, or be a fairy, or have magical Powers. But for me Vampires are all the way. and I know my response isn't good enough, and some people can probably come up with a much Better reason as to why they are team Vampire- then the others.
But this is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
oh and i think turning into a bat, is dumb. and I wasn't a fan of Twilight cause its kinda like a disgrace to vampires *but like i said my opinion*
Spike *sighs* :P

I picked this entry because it made me laugh.

Winner of Team Were/Shifter is:

Jessica A who wrote:

Werewolves have definitely evolved from the old school wolves that were just looked like overly hairy men that stalked beautiful women. Now they are men and women, sexy and fierce, terrifying, protective, and a whole other slew of things. But their transformation from human to wolf is what really sets them apart from the paranormal creature category.  Vampires will always be pasty white and zombies will always be dead and rotting, but werewolves get to change from ferocious creatures that can rip you from limb to limb back to humans in a seconds and no one would ever know it was them. Pretty awesome if you ask me

Shy liked this one the best because it talked about how werewolves have evolved over the years.

Winner of Team Caster is:

Linh Pham who wrote:

Wizards. Wielders of magic. Holders of awesome powers. Fate herself may be decided by them.
Wizards/witches/mages/casters, there are many names for them. Wizards have strange powers which may bring people back from the dead or even cause death itself. The magic a wizard possesses is serious stuff.
Casters may be popular in books because of the endless possibilities of the type of magic they can have. Personally, I like ice mages. But, anyway, enough about me. Wouldn't you love a book where someone is a strong lead with the power and strength to protect themselves, even if the weak are rescued by a hero.
A door to millions of possibilities...

I picked this one because I felt it summed up Casters perfectly that there really is endless possibilities.

Winner of Team Fallen Angels/Angels is:

Michikit who wrote:

This one should be my number one. Who doesn't like angels? There are so many books with and about them, but I've also seen some movies that I really enjoyed. First of all there was Fallen with Paul Wesley, actually a three part movie with a boy that finds out that he is a nephilim, a child of a mortal and an fallen angel. And there is also The Legion, a more recent movie about a near Apocalypse. I don't think this one had a lot of romance, it was more of an action movie, but I enjoyed it. And not to forget le crème de la crème ...Castiel...and yes from Supernatural. He is also an angel so it counts. Why I like him so much? That is easy, naivety has never been so funny!!!

I chose this one because they went into movies and I’m a lover of movies and I loved the banner that was made. Very Pretty!

Winner of Team Zombies is:

Spav who made this wonderful poster:


Winner of Team Fairy is:

Jessica who wrote:

Fairies are another awesome paranormal creature. Who doesn't love fairies? Depending on the story you are reading they could be sassy little Tinkerbell, mischievous trouble makers, or just plain evil. But they always are so adorable, charming, alluring and/or hauntingly beautiful. And how cool would it be to have a pair of those amazing wings. Or a wand and fairy dust. Yep, fairies are definitely awesome

Britt picked this once because she felt alot of work was put into it and she was one over by fairies being considered “hauntingly beautiful”


Congrats to the winners! I have emailed you! You will have until Monday Dec 6 at midnight MST to respond otherwise the runner up with be defaulted the prize.

Later this weekend I will post all the entries to show off the wonderful talent my followers have.


Cassay Sig


  1. Thank you so much!!! I must congratulate everyone because there are so many great entries and so many pretty banners!!! (^_^)

  2. I just checked now.. and im happy for winning xD...but just saying i didnt get an email.. I checked late sorry
    -Christina Valente

  3. Oh no it's fine you have until
    Monday lol. I'll re send take a look in your spam box

  4. aww no team vamp for me.
    But hey, congrats to all the winners.