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December 12, 2010

Movie Monday….On Sunday???


No, I haven’t got my weekdays messed up but I decided to make Movie Monday on Sunday because starting tomorrow its Lisa Shearin WeekLisa Shearin Week

Heres a bit about what will be happening this week…

Each day will represent a book in Lisa’s series and each day will also have a CONTEST. How cool is that?

So make sure you stop by the blog each and every day this week!

Now to the movies………

This week on DVD:Legend-of-the-Guardians-The-Owls-of-GaHoole-movie-poster1-405x600

Descipable Me

The A-Team

The Other Guys

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

tron-legacy2dThis week in theatres:

Tron Legacy

Yogi Bear





Cassay Sig


  1. Legend of The Guardians. That was the title. :)) Thanks...I was curious about the title of the movie. I saw a couple of seconds of it on tv and I did not knew the title.

  2. Legends of the Guardians caught my eye big time! I love those Owls. I will def be on the look out for it!

    Tron Legacy looks AWESOME to me. My 6 yr old wants to see it really bad to (he is my movie buddy. He watches the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter with me)! Love him!!