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December 4, 2010

Runner Ups!


Here are the runner ups. If you would like a blog bookmark that I personally make email me at vampsweresandcassay at yahoo dot ca

Team Vampire:


Team Casters:

Yep...wizards, sorcerers, cast spellers. They are known by many names, but I know them by one name only: Harry Potter, my high school obsession. I remember that this series was so new for me (until then I was forced to read only school literature). Harry Potter was actually a pleasure.

How could you not love wizards and witches, which by definition introduces us in the world of magic. Talking animals, levitation oh and the flying broomsticks, magical potions and so on.

Another wizard that I know is from a movie that I enjoyed: Balthazar Blake (Nicholas Cage) from The Sorcerer's Apprentice, a movie that has as always in the middle of the action a clueless young sorcerer that learns the art of magic with the help with his master.

I just remembered another wizard from the Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, Simon I think it was his name, a calm boy with magical powers, this is what I remember about him.

Team Weres: (This was my personal fav but I wasn’t the judge so I couldn’t pick)

Team Fairy:

So, now I am writing why I am Team Fairy.  Yes I am very indecisive.  There are many different variations of faeries in literature, but I think there is a general rule that there is no such thing as a completely good fairy.  Whether they are part of the Seelie or Unseelie, faeries often lack sympathy and often do whatever that amuses them.  Although this may seem heartless, us humans can relate to this.  Many of us have a conscience, but there is no such thing as a completely good person.  Maybe I'm just weird?  But I love the harsh, slightly sadistic, and slightly apathetic beauty that faeries have, and how they don't bother pretending they're good, because they're not. 

Team Fallen Angels/Angels:




Team Zombie:

Zombies, what can I say?

We all know zombies are terribly ugly creatures who were originally human and have risen from the dead. Usually, zombies are recognized similarly to mummies, with long strips of cloth wrapped around them but beginning to fall down.

What I think is that zombies are popular in quite a few books because they present a feel of danger and mystery. You'll be sitting there while the character in the book is being chased by a zombie and thinking 'OMG, RUN FASTER! THE ZOMBIE IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!'

So yeah, don't tell me you wouldn't want to experience that type of book once in a while. They may be scary, but they appear in  many horror books. But do don't worry too much, the zombies always get defeated in the end and return to the earth as dust... GOOD SHALL PREVAIL, BOOYAH.

Thanks for your entries! They were really good!

Cassay Sig

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