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January 5, 2011

TLT Publishing and their HUGE Contest!


I wanted to bring my lovely followers aware of some very cool contests hosted by TLT Publishing. Which is a indie publishing company. If you remember in either Sept or Oct I gave away some bookmarks for 2 of the books that they have released so far. I’m check and see if I have any left and give away this week or next. Anyways here is the scoop on the contest.

When TLT Publishing’s twitter account reaches 1000 followers they will give away all 20 books that are being published between now and 2012. Oh yeah and they are signed!

How cool is that 20 freaking book and you know what you have to do to be able to enter?

Follow them on Twitter!

And while Randi and I were brainstorming ideas we came up with the idea to giveaway book to bloggers for giveaways so….for every person a blogger refers and they start following TLT they get enter to win the 20 signed books to giveaway to their followers! How cool is that so you should all go follow and say that @CassayC sent to to them so that I can win 20 books to giveaway to you!

And if that isn’t all if the authors of the books reach 500 followers – I lucky follower with receive a copy of there book, signed of course.

Here are the links so you can can follower and enter yourself to win! And remember tell TLT that I sent you. Help me Help you win books. Winking smile

TLT Publishing


Sang K

 Randi Ertz 

Hilary LiDestri

Go and follow these wonderful people! And don’t forget to say I sent you Smile

I’m also working on a top secret project for TLT to help promote them – Hopefully they will use my idea and you can all see it. But sorry I’m keeping it under sealed lips.


Cassay Sig

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  1. Come on people! Follow TLT and help Cassay win some autograph books to share with all of you!