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March 15, 2011

Cassay helps Japan


So yesterday I decided to watch the news. I normally don’t because I prefer not to hear about the latest murder or other depressing things and I could care less about politics. But I turned it on to find out a little bit more about what was happening in Japan. The first image that I saw was a video of the tsunami washing away a road. I had tears in my eyes while watching this and then it reminded me of a scene in Heidi Kling’s SEA which is set after the Indonesia tsunami. So I decided why don’t I run a challenge on my blog. So this is what I am come up with.Canadian%20Red%20Cross

For every comment between now and April 1st I will donate $0.50 CDN to The Red Cross. Minimum donation of $25.00 to a maximum of $200.00. So if my math is correct 50 comments = $25.00 and 400 comments = $200.00.

So what is in it for you guys besides helping me help Japan?

Well once I get 50 comments 1 lucky winner will receive a copy of SEA by Heidi Kling.


If I get 400+ comments 1 winner will get $15.00 CDN to spend at Book Depository.

AND if my very first VLOG receives 50 views and some feedback comments on the blog (I’d love to hear what you think and what I should do better next week) I will add a copy of Con & Conjure into the mix.


You can comment on any post there is over ~160 posts so pretty much 4 people who have lots of spare time on there hands could get us to 400 comments.

Each comment has to be at least 3 words long. And for every comment you make you get 1 entry Smile So if you comment 100 times you get 100 entries. I’m being mean and you have to keep track of your points and I’ll trust that your telling the truth. Anon comments are welcome as long as you leave your name.


- 13 years or older (exception Con & Conjure winner must be over 18)
- Open International (if Book Depository ships to you)
- Ends April 1 at midnight
- 1 comment = 1 entry
- will chose the winner

Fill out this FORM to enter!

Thank you all in advance for your comments. As a FYI at least $25.00 will be donated to The Red Cross even if no one comments. But I hope you all will Smile

Cassay Sig


  1. That is so wonderful! I hope everyone comments!!

  2. Cassie I have to say this is the first time I've actually been on your blog, cause blogs scare me and WOW! You are amazing! You have put so much work into this site, I'm beyond impressed, and you have such a good heart doing this for Red Cross. I love you. Xoxox

  3. Watching the news depresses me too! what a wonderful thin you're doing.

  4. This is a fantastic idea. I've spread the word via twitter. I hope more people comment.

  5. Great idea - thank you for doing this!!

  6. This is pretty darn awesome of you--I hope a lot of people do comment :)

  7. you are doing a wonderful thing cassay!!!!

  8. It's very nice of you to help the people from Japan. You're awesome! :)

  9. awesome to know that we can help them through our own little way :)

  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback! I'm glad you like the idea. I really wanted to try and find something that people who feel like they were helping even if they weren't able to donate money themselves.

  11. This is very nice of you to do! I too hate watching the news but did turn it on for this so very sad! You are doing a great job and good luck :)

  12. This is a fantastic thing that you are doing!!

  13. I think this a fantastic way to help raise money for Japan!!! Go You!!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway too :D

  14. What a great way to raise money for Japan! This tragedy has been devastating to watch. What a sad occurrence. It's always heartwarming to see people reaching out to lend a hand. Good on you for reaching out like this!

  15. Your doing a wonderful thing. The news has been so depressing for weeks- I live in New Zealand so we've been getting sad news since the 22nd of Feb.

  16. Just shared on facebook (hope thats alright) to encourage my friend to comment and help out :)

  17. Since the 1st is approaching fast I thought I would comment again :)

  18. And since you said that a person with a lot of free time could comment multiple times, I might as well

  19. Well, its not that I have lots of free time- more like I'm a procrastination and this at least is a good way to procrastinate- since its given money to Japan

  20. It's really great of you to do this ^^

  21. I could never understand what the people of Japan are feeling right now, but I think its really awesome that you're helping them out (: