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March 13, 2011

Guest Posts Wanted: Break Cassay Out of Tax Season…

So as many of you know we are slowly creeping up onto April which means I will slowly be increasing my 8 hrs a day to 13+ hours a day Confused smile. Which also means less time for reading and blogging Crying face.

So I have decided to ask my fellow bloggers if they would be interested in doing a guest post for the month of April. At the end of April I’m thinking about giving away a copy of City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare to 1 lucky follower and *if* I can find the “Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black” bookmark I ordered I will toss that into the mix as well. BUT I can’t promise you the bookmark because I have misplaced it and I have been searching high and low for it but I will keep looking.

Bloggers if you are interested you can either email me at vampsweresandcassay at yahoo dot ca or use this FORM to enter your details.

You may write about anything you want. Fav book, Fav Cassandra Clare moment, your etsy store, your worst job ever anything you would like to talk about you can Smile

My fav Cassandra Clare moment was yesterday during her Character Q&A a twitter follower mistaken me for Cassandra and asked me if Jace would marry her. I felt bad not answering her so I respond wishing her luck on Jace accepting her proposal.

Also, if your super awesome with photoshop and wanna make a button or header for “Break Cassay Out of Tax Season” You are more than welcome to Smile

Again, if you are interested you can either email me at vampsweresandcassay at yahoo dot ca or use this FORM to enter your details.

*EDIT* Forgot to mention if you are interested in a guest post I will need it no later than April 9!

Hope to here from you all Smile

Cassay Sig


  1. Just making my weekly visits to all the blogs I am following :)

    Check out my FUN ON SUNDAY post and answer the FAVORITES question so I can learn a little more about you.

    Have a great week!

    Mandy @ Embrace Your Oddities

  2. great thing you are doing cassay!!!! japan needs more people like you

  3. WooHoo!!! I filled out your little form thingie lol....I just dont know exactly what to do lol

  4. Wow, thirteen hours a day? That's tough!

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