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April 11, 2011

Guest Post: Joining the Cause


Sniffly Kitty was kind enough to help break me out of jail and is here to keep you all occupied for the day Smile

Thank you Cassay for letting me take over your blog today. This was a great mistake you see, I will now infiltrate your followers and claim them as MY OWN MUAHAHAHA!

Hello Readers, look very closely at your screens for you will see the most miraculous occurence you have ever witnessed (ever)...

  Hello Minion, I suppose I should not share this with you because then you shall know my dastardly plans, but since you are already in my thrall I suppose I can share some tips with you on being an evil overlord so that you are not uneasy about the organization you are now a part of:

1) You need people to think you are nice because then they will trust you. Once they trust you, you can use them for nefarious purposes. Also, your foes will mistake you for a weakling, and you can crush them when they underestimate you.

2) Be sure not to reveal your master plan to anyone. You will obviously need to give out some details in order for other people to carry out parts of the plan, but sharing the whole plan is a gateway to failure.

3) Taking over the world takes time, and sometimes your plans will not go as planned. While you may want to take your anger out on everyone, you should not always take your anger out on your immediate minions. They like you already, you can instead take out your anger on a prisoner. The minion who has been given a reprieve will likely be more loyal to you because of your occasional clemency.

4) You should start taking over the world when you are young. This gives you more time to groom trusted lieutenants, and more time to try different plots. Which bring me to my next point

5) You should also start grooming lieutenants while they are malleable (read young) because then your ideas can be embedded deep within their minds and hearts. This makes for a more trustworthy organization.

Now that you have realized my genius, I'm sure you understand why you are so privileged to be joining my organization (Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books). Welcome, and let us continue this quest to overtake the world, together (with me in charge of course).


Sniffly Kitty

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  1. Hope tax season isn't killing you~~

  2. wow that photo is just plain freaky lol. love the post sniffly kitty :)

  3. today was a really bad day - I had to get get myself some DQ lol