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June 7, 2011

Review: The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels


No one knew of its existence until it was removed from the attic upstairs.

In a beautiful house that overlooks the sea, an antique clock has the power to change the course of their lives.

The power the clock resonates will not only force Destiny and ex-boyfriend David on a journey into the depths of one man's mind long dead, but into the mind of a man filled with hatred and bent on revenge.

With the only clues to the nature of the clock having disappeared into the sea, Destiny and David must retrace the steps the man had taken into the darkness, before they fall prey to the trap he had set in motion over half a century ago.

Hatred never dies

I read The Thirteenth Chime in one sitting, mostly because I knew that if I went to bed midway through the books that I would probably have creepy/nightmarish dreams about the book. The story itself was pretty creepy - the old lady and little girl totally creeped me out. The Thirteenth Chime would be a perfect episode for Supernatural. I did enjoy the book it kept my attention and I was totally thrown off on where the story was going which I enjoy. I don’t like being able to guess where a story is going, I like to be fooled and I was totally.

But I do think I know what is up with David. I liked the characters that Emma created but I do have to say what is up with Destiny totally turning down David like come on! But that is okay I guess because she left him for the rest of us J I had some beefs with Destiny but it’s mostly because I wanted to take her aside and slap her across the head to tell her that she was missing out on so much, but at last she’s a fictional character and I can’t slap her haha.

I can’t wait for book 2 in the series to come out August 2011.

The Rating:

4 out of 5

The Details:

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bokheim Publishing (Indie)
Published: August 2010
Pages: 238
ISBN-10: 1453715061
ISBN-13: 9781453715062

Cassay Sig


  1. YEAY!!!!!!!!!! You just made my day!!!! *dances*
    Thank you for reading and reviewing and I am so happy that you enjoyed it!!!! I need to make a Destiny doll specifically for slapping. lol.

    Emma Michaels

  2. I have had this book on my shelves, my old co worker at borders gave me a signed copy of this book. I have been wanting to read, but I just haven't gotten to reading it. I will need to read it for sure.
    Thanks for the review

  3. I was lucky enough to meet Emma while I was in NYC for BEA and she's an absolute sweetheart. I cannot wait to read this novel!
    Great review.