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August 3, 2011

Blogoversary Wrap–Up!

So July is officially over which means there is only 1 month left of summer Sad smile. And here in Alberta we have had nothing but rain!!! It was finally nice this past weekend and we went to a Heritage Days festival where we could try different types of food from other countries. It was pretty cool, I tried a deep fried banana. It was interesting…I think I liked it and I got super burned! My shoulders are killing me. How has your summer been going?

Did you all have fun with the events and giveaways? I sure hope you did. I decided to make the giveaways end August 7! So you still have 4 days to enter if you haven't yet. P.S. You are all very welcome for the giveaways. I want to thank you for being AWESOME  friends/followers.

As promised I said I would answer some questions that you had for me. I was suppose to post this on the 31st but one question stumped me for a bit…. and this was it:

Ashley asked: If you had to pick two favorite characters (one male, one female), who would they be?

Only 2 really….this is why I have been stumped I had to take a whole month to think this one through.

Fav Female Character: I’m going to have to go with Raine Benares from Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares series. Why: Because Raine is soo freaking awesome! She is funny and if I were to need someone on my team to kick some major ass I would want her.

Fav Male Character: This one is sooo hard….grrrr….I still haven’t decided but I think I will go with Jay from The Body Finder Series by Kimberly Derting. Why: Who wouldn’t want Jay as a best friend/boyfriend he is soo supportive and would do anything for Vi and I am totally jealous of Vi’s and Jay’s relationship.

Alice asked: Why did you start reading and blogging?

Well you see I used to be a book hater! I absolutely hated reading while in school. I didn’t like any of the books we were forced to read (I would have totally rather watched a movie or something). Then I started working full time at an accounting firm and during my half hour lunch I would play Sudoku but I was getting bored with it because I couldn’t finish the extra hard puzzles in 30 min LOL. Then one day the boyfriend was like wanna come to Chapters with me…I’m thinking about getting a book to read on my lunch. I said sure and thought maybe I should grab a book. So I grab Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone and Eragon. I came home with my books and my mom stole Eragon so I was left with Harry Potter (which is so not a bad thing). I finished it that week so I went back and bought the rest of the series and finished it all in a month. Harry Potter kind of started a snow ball effect. I started reading books I had seen movies of and then once I finished the Twilight series I decided to open myself up to books that weren’t movies and Cassandra Clare kick started that snowball and the rest is history. I’ve been reading a book a week ever since Smile.

Why I started blogging:  I would post on my personal facebook page about books I just finished reading and a quick sentence about it and I was starting to get family/friends asking me to recommend them books so I would. Then I found a bunch of book bloggers that’s talked about books and I started reading a bunch and I thought to myself hey this looks fun maybe I should try it. I knew it would take some hard work and some elbow grease and I always told myself that I would post when I wanted to post. I also decided to start blogging as a way for me to track my thought on books on what I like and what I didn’t.

I know my reviews are the best ever reviews but I try and put effort into them and it helps my creative thinking because I really don’t have a creative bone in my body lol. I am also very proud of all my 369 followers. I send you all tons and tons of hugs for being awesome. I am also still shocked when an author asks me to review their novel. It makes me want to do a happy dance. I thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind and have you all listening. /HUGS!!!!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaways!!!

Cassay Sig


  1. I wish it would rain here. Here in New York, I stay indoors all day due to the sun (super sensitive skin) grrr. && Congrats on the 350+ followers ♥

  2. I have super sensitive skin as well (it really sucks) we forgot the sun screen on the weekend so I could reapply the 60 SPF so I burnt really bad :( The worse part is that my redness will go straight to white again I won't even get a little bit of a tan! The pain is for nothing

  3. Aww I love Jay as well! I even wrote about his awesome-ness for Amber's YA Bachelor month.