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August 12, 2011

Review: Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father's Day Tale by Raymond Masters


The brochure reads: "Dangerous Hunts: If it moves, you can kill it." But the Carters will soon discover that not everything that moves can be killed.

At his wife's urging, Matthew Carter takes his new step-son on a Father's Day hunt he will not soon forget.

It's open season on the undead, and there's no limit on the amount you can bag.

Dangerous Hunts was a cool short story novel about Zombies. I liked that it was a quick read but I would have liked a little bit more Zombie killing action. The action that was there was pretty good but I am all for killing zombies so the more the merrier. Raymond ended the story on the interesting side. I find myself wondering what has happened to the resort. Makes me wonder if he will continue the story... It was written well and I look forward to reading more of Raymond’s work. If you like zombies and want a quick read I suggest reading Dangerous Hunts.

Special thanks to Raymond for sending me a copy to review.

The Rating:

3.8 out of 5

The Details:

Format: PDF
Dimensions: 22 Pages
Published: June 14, 2011
Publisher: Indie
ISBN - 10:0803735529
ISBN - 13:9780803735521

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Cassay Sig

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