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October 28, 2011

Blog Tour: The Apocalypse Gene by Suki Michelle & Carlyle Clark


Today I have the honor of being part of The Apocalypse Gene Tour. I have an excerpt, review and giveaways for you lucky ducks!


With Pandemic ravaging the globe, Olivya's psychic Sight compels her to see auras riddled with the colors of despair, and now her mother is infected.
Olivya’s only hope is the mysterious Mikah, a powerful Empath who claims the Pandemic is linked to his clan, the Kindred, and their brooding, monstrous, Immortal Lord. But can she trust this boy who can manipulate her very emotions?
With Mikah's aid, Olivya races to unearth Kindred secrets, desperate to find a cure, only to discover the Pandemic is far, far more than a mere disease . . .


Except – Chapter Three – That Familiar Malevolence: This a scene from Olivya and Mikah’s first meeting face to face. They have escaped a Shivpack, a gang of vicious street thugs, by sliding into a rushing stream that runs through the abandoned Lincoln Park Zoo . . .

They barely heard the last as the stream swept them away. After what seemed like a long time, they reached a sturdy bush on a muddy bank. They grabbed it and pulled themselves up, soaked and shivering. The grassy sides of the moat, though wet, were less steep here. Olivya scrambled to the top, Mikah close behind. Her thigh burned where the fence had caught her jeans. She peeled back the torn denim. A deep scratch, puffed and red, but the bleeding had stopped.

Mikah swiped at the splotches of mud and grass from his clothes. Olivya checked him out beneath half-lowered lids. The moonlight illuminated him, as if his strange aura attracted and magnified its glow. She'd never seen anyone so beautiful, almost pretty, but rugged and rough. His skin was the color of sweet tea, a pale creamy brown, incredibly smooth. Latino? Indian? No. Arab. Maybe Native American? No way to tell. He was all races, yet no race. Strong jaw, full lower lip, shining black hair, broad shoulders. He removed his light cotton jacket to wring it out. He wore a form-fitting black T-shirt, now wet and plastered to his smooth, wide chest. His torso V'ed down to narrow hips and long-muscled legs. She glanced back up to his face to find those periwinkle blue-violet eyes staring straight into hers.

She looked away, busily rubbed mud and grass off herself. Just great. She was supposed to be angry with him and he had just caught her, well, ogling. And she was furious at him again, doubly so, for making her feel embarrassed. He was the one who should be humiliated. After all, hadn't she just caught him in a lie? Didn't he scare her half to death with that insane light show? He didn't even care that her leg was cut, and it hurt like hell, and, and− “You little liar!” She shoved her face into Mikah's. “How do you move that way - blurry and super-quick? What the hell did you do to Ripper? And why did Mako run away like a frightened dog when you barely touched him?”

Mikah shrugged and sighed. “Olivya, it's complicated.”

“Use small words.”

“I'm not entirely human.”

Olivya ground her teeth. More lies. She watched his aura, waiting for it to turn lemon-green with deceit . . . and waited. It gleamed steady, a truthful apricot-orange. She took a step back. “O-o-okay?”

“I sensed you were special the first time our holo-sims chatted,” he said, “but I didn't realize how talented you are, how intense your Sight. I wonder if you even know.”


The Apocalypse Gene was a mix of sci fi and dystopian. There was something familiar to the story that I can’t quite put my finger on, the best I have come up with was the CSI:NY episode where they had to create an avatar to go into this online game to find a killer. I had a hard time getting through The Apocalypse Gene there was so much detail on the characters and mythology that once I thought I finally figured out what mythology was used it would switch to a completely different one. I found the characters to be pretty average there was anything spectacular about them that made them stand out. There is a lot of information to digest throughout the story and I found taking breaks between readings made it harder to pick up again.

Overall, I wasn’t a huge fan of The Apocalypse Gene but if you are a huge fan of sci fi I think you may like this one. I am still up in the air on if I like sci fi or not.

The Rating:

3 out of 5


Suki and Carlyle have been kind enough to offer up a e-book copy of The Apocalypse Gene!


- Must 13 years or older

- Addition +3 entries for liking the Facebook page for the novel which can be found here

- Ends Nov 21 at midnight MST, winner chosen by



Also, the authors are having a Giant giveaway which includes a Kindle. You can find that giveaway here.

To learn more about the story you can visit:





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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review our novel and posting the excerpt. We're grateful for your input. While most love our story, some don't, and we know the value of a well-rounded collection of reviews. Your response provides excellent balance to the abundance of "fivers" and we're actually quite thrilled for that.

    We appreciate your participation in our tour and wish you and your followers the very best.

    Good luck to all on the giveaway.

    Thanks again!

    Peace out,

    <3 Suki and Carlyle