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October 15, 2011

Review: A Day Over Eighteen by Alshia M.

When seventeen year-old Lana's parents died, she dealt weed to support herself and her younger brother. After being expelled from school and transferring to another, she realizes the students there are vampires. The school principal offers his protection if she'll supply him with blood. Along the way she falls in love with Kody,a vampire from another school who protects her and her new business selling blood to vampires. Excerpt from Goodreads.

A Day Over Eighteen reminded me of a teenage mafia movie. It was a quick short read. Lana’s character was interesting. The poor human girl is just trying to go to school and she ends up running an empire of artificial blood poor girl. She makes very interesting decisions in life which gives the story its edge. I think A Day Over Eighteen would make a good TV Show why? Because producers like to add in their own story lines and A Day Over Eighteen has the flexibility to create more conflict and have secondary storylines.

If you are looking for a quick vampire read check out A Day Over Eighteen…rumor has it its only $0.99 at the moment.

Special thanks to Alshia for sending me a review copy and staying up late to get me a compatible copy for my Kobo Smile!

Visit Alshia blog to learn about her other projects!

The Rating:

3 out of 5

Cassay Sig

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