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October 3, 2011

Smart Chicks Kick It–Vancouver stop!

So as you all know I went to the Smart Chicks Kick It tour in Vancouver and it was a blast!

We started the journey down to Vancouver by leaving at 4:30am. Yep we were early birds on Friday. It took us 12 hours of driving time and I think a total of 14 hrs in the car and the most exciting things we saw on the way there and back home were:

- 3 elks

- 3 deer
- 1 wolf – This was a first and it was totally awesome! After all the years of driving in the mountains I have never seen a wolf or a bear and totally fitting seeing Kelley and Jen write about wolves……
- 1 Fox
- a shovel on the side of the road….this was by a hick looking small town
- On the way into Vancouver there was a bit of a traffic jam and we passed the van who had a female driver then not a minute later when the van passed us again it was a male drive……???? weird I know this is going down as the most interesting thing we saw lol

So now that we are in Vancouver we headed down to the mall and waited in line for 3 hrs (there was no way I drove 12 hrs not to be able to sit during the Q&A so we totally loiter in Chapters lol and my sister found Tyra Banks novel Modelland and hasn’t been able to put it down since)

Then at 2pm the Smart Chicks came out and all my excitement just jumped to 500% lol.

During the Q&A Kelley had the audience vote of who would make the best Muppet. So the audience voted that Sara Zarr and Jennifer Lynn Barnes would be the best ones.  Kelley gave away some top secret information that we are not allowed to talk about or else she will get into trouble. (Sorry for the tease Smile with tongue out)


Margaret and Sara had the funniest answers ever during the lightening round. Zombie Boyfriend was a popular answer for Melissa. HAHA.

Apparently, Kelley likes to bug Jennifer about hot monkeys because Jennifer said on an island filled with a thousand monkeys there has to be at least a couple of good looking ones.

Then it was onto the signing and everyone was extremely nice!

I had a blast and I would totally go to a book signing again. I think I’m an addict now LOL. But next time I will fly!

Here are the pictures of me with the authors.

Me and Margaret


Me and Beth



Me and Jennifer


Me and Sara


Me and Melissa


Me and Kelley


My boyfriend made fun of me when I showed him the pictures he said I looked the exact same in each picture… I can kind of see it lol

Oh yeah I also brought you guys back a signed book Smile I got Beth to sign a copy of Across the Universe! I’m just working out the details on how I want the giveaway to work but I will have the giveaway up soon.

Cassay Sig


  1. I love that you drove 12 hours to see writers you enjoy - very inspirational!

  2. Oh what fun!! I've never been to a signing! They don't come to Manitoba ever! But I am planning on BEA this year so hopefully lots of signing! Can't wait for the give away!

  3. oh it looks like you had a blast!!! definitly the female to male driver is a bit confusing lol. and yup can definitly see what your boyfriend is talking about, but still so so cool :)
    im glad you got to meet some kick ass authors