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November 7, 2011

Fall Gift Exchange!

So as we speak I am submitting my Auditing Case and I am crossing my fingers that I passed this time…I need at least a 70% of its considered a fail Sad smile.

Now I have some free time until Dec 5 when I start my new class…this one is a biggie that comes with a 4 hour national exam that can only be taken twice and you need 65 – 70 % to pass (I forget which I’m hoping for the 65%) and because of this class starting on the 5th I am missing Christopher Paolini who is coming to Alberta!!! We never get anyone awesome here so I am super bummed out about that. I was pouting around the house yesterday when I put 2 and 2 together after trying to figure out how I could make it to work on time and get a wristband.

Anyways to the real reason I am posting today….

I participated in a Fall Gift Exchange hosted by the wonderful Ruby at Ruby Reads.

I sent Lindsey at Babes’s, Books and Signs

The Murderer's Daughters and The Thirteenth Chime

and Patricia from Patricia's Particularity sent me

Silence and Original Sin and some sweet Halloween socks, stickers, pencils, tissues and creepy little spiders that totally made me scream when I opened the box because I HATE spiders! lol

Thank you to Ruby for hosting and Patricia for the wonderful goodies and to Lindsey I hope you enjoy your novels.

There will be a Spring Gift Exchange if anyone is interested keep your eyes open!

Cassay Sig

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