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April 4, 2012

Excerpt from The Tomb by David Ferraro

Today I am so excited to have Dave with us to describe a little bit about The Tomb which is the prequel to the Hunters of the Dark series and I have an excerpt of the novel to share with you.

If you recall I named Her Dark Destiny my FAVORITE book of 2012 and you can find my review here.


The Tomb is a YA horror novel that I wrote to explore the history of one of my favorite characters from the Hunters of the Dark series, Rachel Thyme. I'm a huge fan of horror stories, and grew up watching way too many horror movies for my own good, so I have quite a fondness for the genre. I really wanted to tell a straight horror tale, and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. While The Tomb is a prequel to the paranormal fantasy series Hunters of the Dark, it stands alone completely. There are a few things I've hinted at about Rachel's past in the series that certainly reward fans, but I wanted The Tomb to be accessible to everyone, and I'm really proud of the pacing and atmosphere that I managed to convey here. It's one of my personal favorite works, if not my favorite.

Synopsis: 18-year-old Rachel Thyme has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime when she joins an archaeological dig off the coast of Australia. Eager to have some experience under her belt, she doesn’t question the rumors the locals tell of the previous archaeology crews and the haunting disappearances. She ignores the first signs that something is wrong when her crewmates begin to do strange things, that propel them deeper into the bowels of Black Forest Island. But she can hardly write off discovery after discovery that lead her to confront a long-hidden tomb that makes her question what she thinks she knows about the supernatural.

Rachel wants nothing more than to prove herself on this excursion, especially as it was her daddy’s money that helped her land this job, and as she makes friends, and even sees a little romance, she discovers horrors she can hardly imagine, from evil slowly awakening around her, to the hidden demons locked in her past.


Only a little further, she told herself. A little bit further and you’ll be out there. Where monsters don’t exist.

When they reached the final stretch of tunnel, Rachel felt her lungs burning from the exertion. Every bend in the tunnel she expected would be the last, but it seemed to keep going.

Concentrating so hard on what was ahead of her, Rachel lost her footing on the uneven ground and tripped, crashing to the floor and reopening the scrape on the same elbow as before.

She looked up to see Cyrena and Rick continue without her and panicked for a minute, looking back down the tunnel with wide eyes, expecting the creature to overtake her at any moment.

It didn’t however, and she got up on shaky legs before continuing down the tunnel where her friends had disappeared.

She was surprised when she saw them ahead in the tunnel, and was immediately impressed that they’d waited for her, despite their terror, and felt a warm glow in her chest. It was a short-lived feeling however, as she realized the reason that they’d given pause.

They were standing in front of the doors. And they were closed.

“What…?” Rachel began, but she was drowned out by Rick, who began to yell fiercely.

“What are you doing? Let us out!” he cried. “We’re in here! Let us out now, there’s something in here with us!”

He stopped for a moment, and then Rachel heard it.

The sound of dirt hitting dirt.

Her mouth dropped open. “Is that…?” She swallowed hard. “No.”

Cyrena looked back at her as Rick began screaming again, in vain.

Someone was burying the doors. And them with it.

Rachel looked back down the tunnel, utterly petrified.

“Give me your axe,” Rick demanded.

Turning to look at him, Rachel blinked, suddenly realizing she no longer had her weapon. “I must have dropped it while we were running.”

“Damn it!” he yelled. He threw down his machete, and grabbed Cyrena’s spade without asking. He handled it like a spear, shoving it into the doors with all of his might, muscles straining, grunting with effort.

The doors lifted an inch before shutting again, letting in a trickle of dirt. He tried again, but couldn’t even produce that result. But he kept at it anyway, making gouge marks, Rachel thought, much like the archaeologist with the pickaxe had done years earlier.

Cyrena began to cry, and after another minute, Rick gave up and threw the spade aside, staring at the doors as if they would produce a solution if he waited long enough.

“We’re trapped,” Rachel said in a detached voice. “We’re trapped down here with a monster.”

Thanks Dave!

Dave has donated 5 e-copies of The Tomb for 5 lucky winners!

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  1. ooooo the excerpt sounds really good!!!! i cant wait to read this book, please enter me :)

  2. This sounds amazing! I love all things vamps too! (and werewolves and zombies:) I'm glad I found your blog and hopefully I can win The Tomb and I'll let you know what I think of it :) Thanks!