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April 11, 2012

Excerpt–Simmer by Kaitlyn Davis

Today I have  an excerpt of Simmer book 2 in the Midnight Fire Series by Kaitlyn Davis.

I would like to thank Kaitlyn for donating 2 e-copies of Ignite and Simmer to 2 lucky winners!

You can find my review of Ignite here.

Excerpt of Simmer:

Simmer cover

"I hate packing," Kira whined and collapsed onto the heap of clothes piled high on her bed. She didn't want to move another muscle.

"Just pick out some outfits," Tristan chuckled, not looking up from the pad of paper he was scribbling on.

Kira arched her head, glancing in his direction. He sat with one leg outstretched and one knee bent, leaning against her headboard in relaxed concentration. With squinted eyes, he focused on rubbing-in the graphite pencil marks he'd just made with his already blackened fingers. If she weren't so tired, Kira would have crawled a little closer to see what he was drawing, but instead she dropped her head with a sigh.

"Easy for you to say. You just have to sit on my bed looking all artistic and mysterious while I run around like a crazy person trying to get ready for two months at conduit boot camp."

"Then my plan is working perfectly," he smirked and finally put the sketchbook down. Kira peeked over at the pages, wondering what image of her he was crafting, but saw the last thing she ever expected: a self-portrait. Fighting her exhaustion, Kira jumped up in curiosity.

"What are you doing?" She spun the image to look at it closer, noting the strong cheekbones and crystal eyes he'd drawn perfectly. The hairs that always threatened to fall over his eyes seemed just ready to spill and Kira saw the faint outline of her own features. She realized he'd been sketching both of them.

"Just something for you to take to Sonnyville, to carry around and show everyone, especially any guys ages eighteen to twenty-two..."

Kira rolled her eyes. "You know I don't date men who are younger than a hundred. I can't stand the immaturity level."

Tristan grabbed her hand and pulled her against his chest, making her giggle. With her arms wrapped around his waist, she let her breath slow to the pace of his heartbeat. Tristan's strong arms encircled her, hugging her as tightly against his body as he could, and he sighed.

"I'm going to miss you," he whispered and Kira's mouth widened into a smile. She rested her chin on his chest so she could look into his face, taking in each hair on his head and memorizing the features she already knew better than her own.

"I'm going to miss you, too." She leaned up and kissed him quickly, her thoughts already wandering to what lay ahead.

A few weeks had passed since Kira had awoken from the coma. Luke had convinced the Council to let her recuperate before forcing her to go to Sonnyville, and they'd all agreed that the day after graduation would be, what Kira liked to call, doomsday. Just this morning, she and her friends had all donned their robes and received their diplomas. And before she knew it, time had all but slipped away. But more than anything Kira dreaded saying goodbye to Tristan. Luke had promised to sneak him into Sonnyville at least once, but Kira wasn't sure if it would even be a good idea to bring Tristan around so many conduits. Tomorrow morning they would have to say goodbye, and, even though Kira knew it wasn't for forever, two months was starting to seem like an impossibly long time apart.

"It's going to be fine," Tristan said and kissed her forehead. "And you'll be safe there, which is the most important thing."

"I know. I just wish it wasn't for so long. Do you think you'll be able to find Diana soon?" Kira questioned, bringing up the topic they'd skirted around for the past few weeks. Tristan knew Diana was still a threat. She'd come back to Charleston multiple times while Kira had still been in a coma. She'd managed to evade Tristan, but he still sensed her presence and both of them knew she was planning something. But, neither Kira nor Tristan had known what, until about a week ago when a pack of vampires came to Charleston after hearing a rumor that a mixed breed conduit was alive and in the neighborhood. Tristan managed to persuade them, forcefully, to leave but more would come. And the safest place for Kira was with the conduits, not her vampire boyfriend, especially since Tristan would be off hunting Diana down while Kira was away.

"I know where to look. She can only run for so long." Tristan tried to reassure Kira. He ran his hand along her arm in a soothing motion. Kira relaxed into his touch.

"And you'll find out about my mother?"

"I'll try," Tristan said, but he wouldn't look her in the eye. They'd had this conversation before, with Luke too, and Kira was the only one with hope that her mother was still alive. Luke and Tristan agreed that Diana had used it as a dirty trick to shock Kira, giving her the chance to escape, but Kira felt something deep inside, a gut instinct urging her to believe that her mother was living and breathing somewhere on this earth.

Kira opened her mouth to say so, but decided against it. She was too comfortable resting in his arms to bother fighting and the last thing Kira wanted was to argue with Tristan on their last night together. Instead, she inched up his chest, noting the glint in his eye and leaned in for a kiss.

He slid his hand up her back to cup the base of her neck, pulling her face into his and letting her know he was thinking the same thing. After a teasing moment of stillness, Kira leaned the extra centimeter forward and their lips met.

Instantly her pulse quickened and her heart began to race as she lost herself in the sensation. The butterflies flying in her stomach seemed specifically tuned to Tristan, appearing every time he touched her. A warm feeling spread from her fingers to her toes, creating a titillating contrast as his cool fingers brushed over her skin.

With heavy breaths, Tristan grabbed her around the waist, easily flipping her over and pressing her body down into the soft bed as he took charge. A familiar twinge of excitement ran up Kira's spine, but she felt something else too, almost like a hint of anger was stirring distantly in her mind. And then she heard a cough in the doorway.

"Sorry to interrupt," Luke said with a smile on his face and a steely look aimed at Tristan. Kira sighed and pulled back, trying to scoot out from underneath Tristan. Tristan, Kira noted wryly, made no move to help her escape and instead let his weight hold her down. After a few seconds, which seemed like a few hours, Kira freed herself from Tristan's arms.

"Hi Luke," she smiled and sat up, trying to fix her hair. Yes, she was happy to see her friend, but who wouldn't be slightly annoyed at the interruption and very annoyed at his obviously smug face? Yup, Kira mused, the coma hadn't really changed a thing. Their mutual fear for her health had allowed Luke and Tristan to stand in the same room once in a while, but they were a long way away from friendship.


I’m so excited for Simmer!!! Thank you Kaitlyn!

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  1. Ohh, these books sounds great :D And pretty cover as well ;) I would love to win them and see if I'll love them :)
    Love, Carina ~

  2. ooo i love that cover, and the excerpt was just WOW :)
    thanks for the chance