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April 24, 2012

Guest Post–Author Dana Michelle Burnett

Today I have author Dana Michelle Burnett to talk about the paranormal romance genre. Which you all know I love so much! Huge thanks to Dana for taking time out of her busy day to stop buy and donate a print copy of Spiritus!

First off, thanks for having me by today and allowing me to post on your blog. This novel has become my baby and like any proud mommy, I love showing it off to new people.

I’m often asked just what it was that drew me to the paranormal romance genre. I can’t help it. While I’ve got nothing against traditional romance novels, for me there’s nothing better than a romance with a few supernatural creatures thrown in! My Kindle actually looks like a who’s who of Transylvania.

To me, there’s nothing better than a vampire longing for love, a werewolf looking for understanding, or a ghost searching for everlasting love. How can you beat that?

Actually, that exactly what I ended up writing about in Spiritus. Spiritus is about a ghost that comes back for the girl that he believes is his wife reincarnated a century after her death. I loved the idea of a love that went beyond time and death.

I love the way that paranormal romance allows the characters to connect on so many levels. A vampire is drawn to a girl because her blood excites him…A werewolf imprints on some unsuspecting female…A ghost haunts his reincarnated spouse…Yep, that’s a good story.

What do you love about paranormal romance?

Answer Dana’s question in the comments with your name/alias and email for your chance to win a copy Spiritus. This one is open international. Your comment will count towards the grand prize entry. Make sure you check the official rules here.

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  1. i just love that paranormal is such a broad genre, it can be about anything including shapeshifters, it can be set urban or even historical and i just love that. my absolute fave is historical, but im also finding that urban is great too :) thank you for making the giveaway international :)