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May 17, 2012

Review: The Reckoning by Alma Katsu

Lanore McIlvrae is the kind of woman who will to do anything for love. Including imprisoning the man who loves her behind a wall of brick and stone.
She had no choice but to entomb Adair, her nemesis, to save Jonathan, the boy she grew up with in a remote Maine town in the early 1800s and the man she thought she would be with forever. But Adair had other plans for her. He used his mysterious, otherworldly powers to give her eternal life, but Lanore learned too late that there was a price for this gift: to spend eternity with him. And, though he is handsome and charming, behind Adair's seductive facade is the stuff of nightmares. He is a monster in the flesh, and he wants Lanore to love him for all time.
Now, two hundred years after imprisoning Adair, Lanore is trying to atone for her sins. She has given away the treasures she's collected over her many lifetimes in order to purge her past and clear the way for a future with her new lover, Luke Findley. But, while viewing these items at an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Lanore suddenly is aware that the thing she's been dreading for two hundred years has caught up to her: Adair has escaped from his prison. He's free—and he will come looking for her. And she has no idea how she will save herself. Excerpt from Alma’s website.
The Reckoning starts off with Lanny and Luke looking at the souvenirs that Lanny decided to donated to the museums. Lanny learns that Adair has broken through his cement tomb that she had locked him in. We learned more about Adair's history and Alma wrote his character in such a way that I have started to kinda of sort of liked him. Which I am not happy about because I hated him in The Taker. I think enjoyed The Reckoning more than The Taker I think - they may be tied I haven’t fully decided yet. I liked learning about Lanny and Adair's history. It gave more insight on each of them and why they made the decisions that they have made. Characters that I thought were good weren't and those who I thought were bad petty much stayed bad they didn't jump on the good train which some I was hoping that they would see the light by not having to deal with Adair anymore. Most adult novels lose my interest but Alma's writing keeps everything fresh and she explains all the details with new characters and only introduces them when it really matters. I didn't have to think about what was happening I was able to enjoy and picture it in my mind vividly and enjoy the story as it unfolded. I still can't get over my feelings for Adair it scares me and I'm definitely scared on what feelings will come out for him in book 3. I am looking forward to see how the series will end. Who is Lanny going to stay/be with?
Special thank to Anneliese from S&S Canada for sending me a review copy.
The Rating:
5 out of 5
The Details:
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352 pages
Published: June 2012
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Canada
ISBN-10: 1451651805
ISBN-13: 9781451651805
Cassay Sig

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