As of June 9, 2012 I will no longer be accepting e-books for review. This is due to the overwhelming
demand of reviews, work and night classes taking up a lot of my spare time. It
is taking me several months to read and post reviews therefore until “my to be
reviewed list” is smaller I will no longer accept any more e-books for review.
I am extremely sorry.

June 9, 2012


It pains me to write this blog post but it must be done.

As of today, I will no longer accepting e-book requests.

My list has gotten out of hand and it is adding extra stress to my life that I just don’t want to have. This year I am trying to wrap up my schooling so I can be done with it and a lot of my extra time is going into studying. Also, my personal reading pile has gotten out of hand as well and I would like to slowly get that pile under control. I had a list of reviews that needed to be read and reviewed but someone must have thrown it out and today I went through and made a new one and looking back at some of the dates on the emails I have authors that requested a review back in August – October 2011. So that means it has been almost a year since I have had their novel and I feel horrible about that. Thankfully the authors have been extremely understanding and I extremely appreciated this.

If you have sent a review request in before today. I have emailed you if I will be added your novel to the list. If you didn’t receive an email from me unfortunately I have decided not to review your novel – but have added it to my “look at when your not your crazy busy” list for the future.

Again, I apologize for any inconveniences I have caused but I appreciate your support and love. I will still be able to do author guest posts and book promos for any blog tours. I just will not be able to accept novels for review.

I will post again when I decide to open up reviews to e-books again.

Thank you so much for the support everyone.

Cassay Sig

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