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July 10, 2012

Review: Chaos by Megan Duncan

Is any shot at living, worth dying for?
They thought they’d be safe, but a world ruled by chaos doesn’t die easily.
When Max turned on the radio transmissions assuring safety, they came. But, it wasn’t just survivors of the demon apocalypse that crawled their way into the abandoned military base. A myriad of beastly demons unlike any they’ve ever seen, came as well. Abby, and her companions, struggle to survive as the evil around them grows. Desperate to endure, and to defend their fellow survivors, Abby and a squad of fierce fighters, take on a dangerous mission that has deadly consequences Excerpt and cover from Goodreads
I don’t know why but Megan’s Agents of Evil novels just mess with my head and give me nightmares! I love it! I read this over the Canada Day Long Weekend and Saturday and Sunday night - I had nightmares about demon crows and demon spiders (I HATE SPIDERS) I actually have a “spider scream”. Chaos was too short for my liking. I wanted more of the story I love it so much! There was a ton of action in Chaos which made me turn the pages faster. We met some new characters which I kinda sorta love them all. Some reminded me of characters from The Walking Dead and I totally pictured them like that. My two apocalypse loves mashed together = awesomeness. We learned a hint of how the apocalypse might have happened and I can’t FREAKING wait for book 3 to come out!!! I seriously need to know what Abby and crew are going to do and what is out….. Sorry I’m not going to finish that sentence and ruin the storyline for you :P. I love Carter and Taya I wish we saw a bit more of them but what we did see of them I loved. I loved how they added so much to the story when we saw them. I love how Abby and Max’s relationship is growing; I’m starting to feel what Abby feels with their relationship.
The Rating: 5 out of 5
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Make sure you check out out Megan’s website for a contest! You could see your name in the next book!
Cassay Sig


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