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June 1, 2013

An Update

I know you all haven’t heard from me since February/March and then only for a tiny bit in April….but I am alive. Just extremely busy with school and wedding planning. Oh and not to mention we moved and we are still unpacking things. Does it ever end???

Anyways so what have I been up to these last three months?

Well in March I was…..I can’t even remember. Oh yes, I was reading the awesome finale of Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare! If you haven’t read it you must. This is also the reason I was unable to finish my Faerie book. I got about 3/4 of Faery Tales and Nightmares by Melissa Marr and then CP came out.

In April, well it was tax season and it was extremely busy especially because I was gone to the Calgary Expo on the 28th. I had a blast spending time with what we realized was 1/3 of the wedding party and fellow book blogger Ambur. It was fun we were all exhausted from standing in lines. Doesn’t help that Darryl from The Walking Dead showed up 1 hour late! So me and Ambur were waiting over 1.5 hrs for pictures. I got my Game of Thrones autographs from Lena Hedley and Peter Dinkledge (also got a picture with him and my MOH). I got to meet Bret “The Hitman” Hart (wrestling star) – he was extremely nice. I met Mark Sheppard (Crowley from Supernatural). He was pretty cool but I was to shy to say anything. I also met Carol from The Walking Dead and I’m embarrassed to say this but keep in mind April is extremely stressful and emotions are high AND that I was excited to be there….But I started talking to her and I started crying. Yep I’m embarrassed but I was just soooo freaking excited to be there and she gave me a hug!

But here is my photo with Darryl, Carol and Glen! Oh yeah. I also wore a super cute outfit but it was freezing out and I was helping a friend carry coffee and I totally spilt it all over me so I had to buy a t-shirt.


April was demon month and I read With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent….a few may happen this summer but it is definitely late. I also read The Rising by Kelley Armstrong which was fantastic!

May was recovering from April and writing 2 papers for schools. It’s been a stressful month in regards to writing papers. I read Melissa Marr’s and Kelley Armstrong’s Loki’s Wolves which was awesome and I can’t wait for the next one. May was alien month and I was going to reading I Am Number Four but to be honest aliens and sci-fi don’t really interest me so I skipped it. Yes bad me.

So what is happening with the rest of summer? Well I have wedding invitations to make and mail out and planning a lot of the little details which are stressing me out. I feel like every weekend is booked with something yet it isn’t as of yet. I have another 2 papers to write and 4 presentations to do up for these papers.  It will be a busy summer. But I am happy to say that once this summer is over I only have 3 more exams left and I am done school!! woot woot!

June is zombie month and I’ve been sitting on some The Walking Dead reviews (Book 1 and 2) so I think I will be posting those this months (yeah I’m cheating I read this awhile ago and not actually in this month).

I hope everyone has a great summer full of reading and you don’t mind my absence or miss me to much.

I leave you with some engagement photos that my MOH took.


Our color theme is Canucks colors and we are incorporating books into the decorations. We also left this book at at the school we took these at Sad smile So now I need to order a new copy of City of Glass.


This is one of my favorite pictures that we took. I feel like I look pretty in this picture.


This one we were laughing at the inappropriateness of my MOH….

Have a good summer everyone!