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July 15, 2013

3 year Blogoversary!

Holy Cow! I started this blog in 2010! I can’t freaking believe it! I also can’t believe its been 3 years.

I know when I first started I posted a lot more then I do now but that is mostly do to the fact that real life has gotten extremely busy with school, work and an upcoming wedding and sacrifices need to be made.

With the accounting designations merging in Alberta (and Canada I believe) that means I need to finish my schooling by June 2015 so I have been focusing on that and going double time with school. Work seems to always be busy so that’s nothing new. I did go on hiatus for a bit because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this past fall. I am happy to say that her treatment officially ended in May/June and she is cancer free!!! Yay! She goes back to work in August. So all is good on that front. I’m sure helping on planning a wedding help keep her strong and fighting.

And then there is this whole wedding business. It is seriously stressing me out! It’s at the point where I feel like all weekends are booked with things to do and when I look at the calendar and its all free.

But next summer I should have some free time to blog and such.

But because its my blogoversary I will do something small.

So thanks to Kaitlyn at Penguin USA I have 1 paperback copy of Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong to giveaway to one lucky US or Canadian Resident!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck to Everyone!

Cassay Sig

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