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September 9, 2013

Review: Tainted Blood by Joann I Martin Sowles


Published: October 2012
Publisher: Brookehaven Publishing
Source: Trade paperback provided by Joann for an honest review, which does not effect how I reviewed the novel

The Rating:

5 our of 5

Vampires, Werewolves, and…Angels? Oh, my!

Laney’s life is suddenly tangled by deceit, and as she tries to pull her past, present, and future together, she finds herself and her friends fighting for their lives. Thrown into the midst of a conflict that has been brewing for centuries—a conflict that no mere human should be anywhere near—Laney and her friends will discover that the mythical creatures of lore are not so mythical after all.

As Carter and Kiera’s relationship moves forward, Laney and Oliver’s becomes strained…confusing…dangerous.

Laney would have never thought Oliver was capable of causing such pain, such heartache, such fear. When he becomes a danger to everyone they know, especially her, Laney must make the choice to save herself, or those she loves.

As if this weren’t enough, a visit from Oliver’s brother could bring Laney’s life to a tragic end. Excerpt and cover from Joann’s website.

Tainted Blood is the 3rd novel in the Brookhaven Vampires series, I won’t lie when I started reading book 3 I had completely forgotten what had happened in the 1st 2 books That fault is completely mine for leaving such a big gap between reading them. But with this said, I love how Joann reminded us by what had happened in the earlier books by showing Carter’s perspective. I really liked the mythology that was introduced in book 3 as well as getting that insight of Carter’s mind. Oliver was a jerk in this book so if you are Team Oliver beware you will be mad for majority of the book. As Carter is one of my favorite characters in the book it was nice to get more of him in book 3, it wasn’t all Laney and Oliver. It was a mixture of all the important characters and I really enjoyed it. Joann totally ended the 3rd book in a cliff hanger and then gave a cruel and mean teaser sneak peak to book 4 which made it even worse! Overall, my love for the series is growing with each passing day. If you recalled I found Laney to be too much like Twilight but as time passed on I started to love it more. I don’t know what this series has on me but the more time that passes after I read each book the more I need to read the next and the more I love the series.

Cassay Sig