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November 4, 2013

Officially a Brookehaven Vampire Street Team Member!

So awhile ago (way before the wedding) I signed up to become a part of the street team and help promote Joann’s novels which I love. Well I have been a very bad street member and has put off/misplaced packages with wedding stuff etc. The list goes on anyways I was a bad girl but NOW I am being a good girl and I will give all you wonderful followers a information dump on the in going of Brookhaven Vampire Series!

First, there are a limited amount of Street Team Members….if you want to sign up head here.

When Joann sends you an email inviting you to join our wonderful group you will receive this!

photo 1

Yep there is a name tag with my name on it!! Sooo Cool!

I also received some bookmarks for the newest book Curse which comes out this fall!!! EEEE!!!

photo 2

I recently found a bunch of book marks for the first 3 novels as well. So I will be giving away 10 Brookehaven Vampire Swag packs and I will add some other swag I can find in my black hole room as my hubby says I have to much! You can never have to much swag I say.

Last but not least I have an exciting announcement to make about the Series!!!

There is a novella to be released this month!!! Zane!!

Companion to Tainted Blood —

Available Nov. 25th, 2013

Zane Book Cover

Being chosen as one of the Fallen is an honor amongst the angels. Yet, it was an honor Zane had not wished for.

On Laney’s nineteenth birthday, Zane fell with the mission to keep her safe, but he was never given that opportunity...

In this Brookehaven Vampires novella, you will step into the mind of Laney’s guardian angel, get a glimpse of his life before the fall, and see what our world looks like from his point of view.

This story is to be read AFTER Tainted Blood.

All excerpts and book covers are from Joann’s website and all other photos were from my phone taken by me Smile.

So that is my exciting Brookehaven News!

For the giveaway of 10 Swag Packs. I’m making this super easy. The first 10 people to either email me at vampsweresandcassay @ yahoo . ca or fill out the form below will get swag sent to them. OPEN Internationally.

Here is the form to enter to win the swag packs!

Cassay Sig

P.S. I will post wedding photos as soon as I have them Smile

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